36 Week Update & Hospital Tour!

36 Week update:

This week not much has changed. Half of the time the days feel like a blur, there is just so much going on. I’m sure this is because I am feeling so tired; I get up multiple times a night either from vivid dreams or the need to use the bathroom. According to my Fitbit, I am awake anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour every night now. Yuck.

Little is doing good as far as I can tell. He’s developed wake periods and sleeping periods. Fortunately, for now, they coincide with the busiest parts of my day. For example, he’s up and moving around 6:30 when it is time to get up and get ready for the school run, and then “sleeps” from 8am until around 10 most days. I know this could be way off and there is no way to know for sure, plus I’m sure this’ll change once he’s on the outside, but I gotta be optimistic.

Also, baby has dropped! I began to notice this last week, but now it’s certain. I can breathe easier, although  I still get winded pretty quickly. I have so much more room up top now, and very little bladder room!

36 Week Appt:

Yesterday was my 36 week appointment, and began my pelvic exams for signs of labor. This time my appointment was in the afternoon; one hour before Aiden’s school dismissal to be exact and boy, was I an anxious mess. Everything went very smoothly and I was out with time to spare. Woohoo!

I am doing great, blood pressure and urine check were normal. Also my test results from the 35 week appointment came back fine and clear! I was most worried about the Group B strep test. I did not have it with Aiden, but did have it with Evan so I was concerned about this time around. But, I’m in the clear and that’s one less thing I will have to worry about come delivery time. Also, my weight has not changed from last week, I’m holding steady at 162.2. This threw up a flag for me because I gained weight with Aiden until 38 weeks when it stabilized and stopped gaining weight with Evan at 36 weeks and he was born at 37+4. So I started worrying a bit that this one might arrive early.

Sure enough, at 36 weeks I’m measuring at 1 cm dilated with baby head down and all the way down. I was really shocked. That morning I had 3 real contractions that were 3 and 5 minutes apart, but then stopped so I didn’t pay much mind to them. Now, I’m paying close attention to my body and looking up ways to keep baby in for at least a bit longer. A week to two weeks would  be great, baby! Doc wasn’t worried and told me to just be ready. This is probably the worst part for me- the unknown.

I go back again in one week for another check and finalize birth plans.

Hospital Tour:

Last night was the hospital tour! Even though I have delivered there 2 previous times, I wanted to get a refresher and see if there were any updates to be aware of. It was pretty exciting to see labor and delivery rooms and the postpartum rooms. It definitely brought back a whole slew of memories. I feel confident in delivering there again and excited for baby’s birth day.

The Countdown Continues!

35 weeks! It’s getting serious guys! This morning I have my 35 week check up and I believe checks for signs of labor begin today. I’m a little nervous, but also very excited to find out any news. This is also the start of my weekly appointments, so we are really at the end now.

Nesting has really kicked in now too. Whenever I’m not super tired I am super clean-crazed and must clean everything and find the “perfect” spot for it. The littles are getting very excited now, too. As the baby’s room becomes fuller, the more involved they want to be. Evan is constantly hugging and kissing my belly and saying, “Love you baby”. Aiden is adamant about hugging my belly goodnight and asking what the baby is doing. I know they will be very helpful to me and so loving to their baby sibling.



I knew from the beginning, and even before, that Aiden would be named Aiden. There was no doubt and I never considered another name. Then, another little boy was on the way. It was much harder to find a name that we both loved and fit well with Aiden’s name and their last name. So, with four weeks until my due date, we finally had a name…Evan. And now, four years later, here we go again. We are in desperate need of a boy’s name. Continue reading

My Hospital Bag Checklist

I am about to have baby number three, so this is not my first go-around. With Aiden, my first baby, I do not even remember packing a bag. I do remember having some toiletries and changes of clothes, of course, but it was nothing special and it was not a big deal. With baby number two, I did pack a bit more. I had the basics packed for myself, including multiple clothing pieces, nursing necessities, and toiletries. For baby,  also packed a little more. I packed a few different outfits so no matter how big or small he would be I would have the perfect-fitting outfit for him. I also packed about 3 different hats, some socks, mittens, a blanket, and a few more items as well.  This time around, my planning is a bit more extensive and I’m sure we’ll be bringing the most yet to the hospital for baby #3.

Hospital Bag Checklist:

For Mommy:

  • Oversized travel bag (Something big with rooms for big items like multiple outfits)
  • Loose-fitting bottoms (Yoga or sweat pants)
  • 2-3 Nursing Bras
  • Nursing Pads
  • 2-3 Nursing tops or loose tops (Mainly for going home, I plan to wear a robe or gown while at hospital)
  • 3-6 pair of regular underwear (You never know how your parts will be afterwards, be ready)
  • Nursing Gown or Robe (They are very soft and help to feel prettier afterbirth over the standard hospital gown. *I recommend waiting 24 hours after birth )
  • Flip Flops (Mainly for showering, I do not recommend walking around with your baby with flip flops)
  • Comfy socks (I love the ones the hospital provides, but sometimes it’s nicer to have a comfort of home)
  • Nursing Pillow (Boppy for life)
  • Nipple Cream (I don’t anticipate needing this so soon, but if needed I’d much rather have it on hand)
  • Toiletries (These include: Shampoo, Body wash, Conditioner, and Frizz Gel. Also, Toothbrush, toothpaste, foundation, mascara, chapstick, hair ties, deodorant, and overnight sized menstrual pads)

For Baby:

  • Diapers and Wipes (I’ve heard that hospital are not providing as much as they used to so i’d rather be prepared)
  • Different sized outfits (Just as with Evan, I am not sure what baby will weigh and want to make sure he’ll be cozy)
  • A hat or two
  • Mittens and socks
  • Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Mainly for photos)
  • Special going home outfit (To be a keepsake)
  • Carseat!

For Daddy and other:

Since we have two littles already I do not expect Daddy to stay at the hospital for my entire stay so there will not be much packed for him. Also, he is free to go home to shower, sleep, and change so the less we need to bring to the hospital  the better.

  • Camera and gear (I did not have a good camera when Aiden and Evan were born, we mostly captured memories on our phones, but now I have a Dslr that I love and am so excited to have it with us. I will also have back up batteries, memory cards, the tripod, and cleaning equipment along with the battery charger. This might sound like a lot but I was in the hospital for four days with Aiden and almost 3 days with Evan. So, I want to be prepared this time around)
  • Phone and charger ( This might sound like an absolute but I constantly forget my phone nowadays)
  • Hand sanitizer!!!! (I will be the Mom with the 8 oz bottle right next to my bed, constantly using it and making sure everyone who comes near the baby does too. I am no where near close to being a germaphobe, but I do believe in respect when visitors come to meet a new baby and doing their part to keep the new little one healthy with this minuscule task )
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Wallet (With cash for extras from the cafeteria or vending machine, I.D., and insurance cards)
  • For Daddy (An entire change of clothes, toothbrush, and deodorant)

I still have a few weeks until my due date, so this list may change. If you have any tips, or know something that I missed please share!

Countdown To Baby #3!

Holy Cow! We can officially start counting down to baby’s arrival. I am now 3/4 of the way to meeting, holding, and loving on my new baby. We have about 9 weeks until my due date, however we are not expecting little one to cook for that long. Aiden was 3 days early, Evan was 9 days early, so we are thinking this one will probably be here around 38-39 weeks.

Some changes that have happened that I have not updated about are my glucose tolerance test result, new symptoms, baby shower planning, and what I saw the baby doing!

Glucose Tolerance Test: About two weeks ago I had my test. Everything went well at the appointment even though I was so worried that I would not pass this time around. It’s not that I had any indication that I had gestational diabetes, I just figured that my third time around I would have it. Fortunately, I received the news a few days later that I have passed! I do not have gestational diabetes, but my levels were a little low so I do have to take some new prescriptions daily.

New symptoms: Now that baby is so big, it has really been hard to breathe and I get short of breath really quickly. Also, baby’s size created rib and hip pain. He loves to kick and push of my ribs and hip bones and it has become very uncomfortable. It doesn’t just happen for a moment it happens for several minutes at a time. The last new symptom I’ve been experiencing is horrible dreams. Almost every night since I made it to the 30 week mark I have had multiple nightmares every night.

Baby Shower Planning: It’s almost baby shower time! We are all so excited to get together with our friends and family before baby arrives and celebrate this new little life. Our theme for the shower and for baby’s nursery (and hopefully next few birthday parties :D) will be Neverland/Peter Pan. It has been so fun yet stressful to plan the party. Pinterest has so many awesome ideas, But do not have the same ability as these crafty people. haha.

What I saw the baby doing: This was something new that I have never, ever, seen my own baby’s do in the womb. On Valentine’s Day, I felt some strange and super steady movements on my right side. I watched for a moment to try to figure out what in the world little one was doing. Well, he was practice breathing! It is kinda strange to explain, but it is pretty much just how it sounds. Baby must have been pretty close to my side because it was so intense, there’s no way I could have missed it. It was so neat to experience.

With so little time left, I am trying to get everything ready for little one and still enjoy the happenings of everyday life. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and feel like things will never be ready or perfect. And that’s right! Don’t look or plan for the perfect life, simply enjoy the amazing life you have.


Baby Kicks

I have a love-hate relationship with feeling baby movements. Scratch that, not a love-hate, but more of a love-ouch relationship. So far, I have noticed hiccups, kicks, jabs, and all kinds of other movements. What I wouldn’t give to have an ultrasound to watch what he’s doing in there.I love feeling the movements of my baby. For some time, I was the only one who could feel his flutters in the womb. It was very special to have this link to the baby that no one else could have. As he’s grown, now his movements can be felt and seen from the outside. It’s so amazing to just stare at my growing belly and watch the show, jumps, pokes, and moves galore. I often try to picture what is happening and try to guess baby’s position. It’s very reassuring to know that he’s still okay. He does quiet down throughout the day and, even at this point in the pregnancy, it worries me very much. Feeling even the littlest of movements bring such a relief to a worried heart.

Although the baby kicks are very special to me and I truly love them, Sometimes they just plain hurt! Measuring in at about 15 inches and over 3 pounds, my little bruiser is doing just that. Body parts are lodged in my ribs, even as I type this. Sometimes it feels as if baby is trying to break out by bending my ribs out of his way. A few times now I have wondered if there was bruising because any way I bent would cause soreness and pain. I experience the same down below. I have been experiencing pelvic soreness for over a week now. I believe he is just so low that it is causing some muscle tightness and soreness. I feel lucky because most of the movements that are uncomfortable do not last long and are central to those two areas.

No matter how uncomfortable baby kicks can be, it will not last. Soon, the baby will be snuggled in my arms, instead of into my bladder. Soon, my baby will be on my belly instead of inside. Soon, a new adventure will begin.


What I Love Most About Being Pregnant

wp-1485357523572.jpgUpon beginning the third trimester and noticing changes weekly if not more than that, I wanted to take a breather and reflect on all the things that I love about being pregnant.

Pregnancy is hard. It even sucks and you pray and pray for a quick delivery day. But you are not pregnant forever. The process is very demanding, but also amazing. Throughout my day I may dislike ten things, but I am so grateful for one hundred more.

I love that a baby is coming! This process is not for nothing. The finish line brings a new life into the world to love, cherish, and protect. Simply gazing at that little face and those tiny toes for the first time instantly take away even the worst day of pregnancy.

I love that pregnancy is an excuse. Am I truly tired from my regular schedule or is it pregnancy? Do I truly not want to be social or is the pregnancy doing this? Am I really crying over burned popcorn or is it my hormone increase? Anxiety? Heartburn? Crazy dreams? Yep, let’s say it’s the pregnancy and take a nap.

I love that I am growing closer with my partner. This isn’t our first rodeo, we have two wonderful little boys whom are very loved. Each pregnancy has helped us become closer. We both love feeling our baby move, watching little jabs and kicks, and rubbing my belly. We talk about who the baby might look like and what personality traits baby will display, and of course the ones we hope baby won’t pick up. Our future is alive inside my little basketball-shaped belly and it’s so amazing to know a new adventure is about to happen.

I love that my boys are so involved and love their baby brother already. My boys are five and three currently. I was slightly worried that they would have no interest in the pregnancy other than mommy’s belly is getting huge. But it has been the exact opposite. My youngest, Evan, could tell something was up sooner and began getting more and more cuddly with me. Now, he gives the baby a “check up” with his pretend doctor tools. This happens at least a few times a week. He loves hugging and holding my belly and asking what the baby is doing. Aiden is a little more reserved, he doesn’t just reach out and touch my belly. He does ask to hug it or talk to the baby. To this point, neither big brother have felt the baby move . They are already so caring and love to talk about what might happen when baby arrives; I know they will be amazing big brothers.

I love the pregnancy milestones. With Aiden, my pregnancy went by at a good pace, not fast or slow, with Evan it seemed to fly by, and this time it’s going a little quickly. I use the pregnancy tracking apps called Glow Nurture, and recently downloaded Ovia Pregnancy. Both are free apps and give you an idea of baby’s weight, length, and things baby’s body is doing that week. I love to read that my baby is now in the viable stages, where if born at this point he has a pretty good chance at survival. Also, I love that my doctor appointments are about to be more frequent. Once a month for the past five months has been okay; not too much has really changed for me. But now, my appointments will be every two weeks until 36 weeks. I’m pretty excited about that. I will get to closely monitor my weight, blood pressure, and know sooner of I have a UTI. I wouldn’t normally worry about that but Evan caused many at the end of my pregnancy with him and I didn’t even know it! Also, I am so excited to hear baby’s heartbeat more frequently. It takes a lot of patience to wait four weeks to hear your baby again; I considered purchasing an at-home Fetal Doppler on more than one occasion.

I love that I feel powerful! I am growing a little human, how could I not feel empowered? Even on a bad day where hormones are through the roof and I am too tired to even move, I am a superhero. I certainly don’t feel that at the time, but I remember it later.

I love that I can sleep more! Growing a baby is exhausting. I used to be upset that I could no longer stay up late at night, but now I see it as a blessing. Evan will be four soon and I’m sure I have forgotten the zombie-mode I entered when he was a newborn. I have no problem with getting a little more sleep over these months.