Owen’s 2 Month update!


Owen is 2 months old! It is still so surreal That he’s here and now two months old. He has adjusted to our family so well and it feels as though he’s been here all along. He truly is our little blessing.

Behavior: Overall, Owen is such an easy baby. I don’t believe in “good babies” or “bad babies”, I believe it comes down to understanding your baby’s cues. He’s pretty easy to read and figure out what he wants. He is calm and very observant to everything around him.

Sleep: Since he was born, I let Owen lead. At one month he set a schedule of feeding every 3 hours on the dot. At night, he would be up at 12, 3, 6, and 9am. Now that he’s a bit bigger, he’s adjusted the schedule. Nowadays, he goes to bed anywhere from 9:30-11pm and sleeps until 5 or 6AM. Let me just say that I LOVE his new schedule! Even though Owen sleeps through the night, I still awaken a few times just to peek at him and make sure he’s alright.

Eating: As you can tell from his photos, Owen is no tiny baby. He went from newborn size clothes from day one to six weeks, then skipped size 0-3month and is wearing size 3 month. Some of which are already pretty snug! When he awakens between 5 and 6am, he nurses for about 30 minutes and promptly goes back to sleep and usually sleeps until 8am. Then, he’s up for a wakeful period and begins his daytime schedule of eating every 3-4 hours. Late in the evening he will eat more frequently. We call this “tanking up” for bedtime.

Physical Features: Owen’s skin is so fair and so sensitive. He definitely takes after me in the complexion category! But poor baby, when in contact with something his skin can’t handle he immediately breaks out in a red rash with bumps. See photo below for example. Now that he’s got a little chunk on him, he’s getting baby rolls.

I just love his hair! The color depends on the lighting. Sometimes it looks brown, or blonde, or strawberry. Also, there is so much of it! At two months Aiden had begun to lose almost all of his hair and Evan was already bald. It’s so neat that Owen has so much still.

Owen’s family life: Owen absolutely loves his brothers! When they’re close they always come check him out and say Hi. Throughout the day they ask me if they can check on him for me (Even if i’m just in the kitchen making food and he’s in my view). It is so sweet and makes my heart melt that they love and care for him so much already! Owen also loves Daddy. When he gets home from work, Owen and Daddy love to make faces back and forth. Again, heart = melted. Owen loves me, too! At least I hope it goes beyond me feeding him all the time, haha.

Owen’s 2 month checkup: Owen’s two month check up was a pretty big day: his first round of immunizations! He did great, only cried for a moment. His poor little thigh was sore for a couple of days but he’s just fine now.

At two months, Owen is 12 pounds 10 ounces, and 23 inches tall! He’s hanging out in the 70th percentile for both.

Collage 2017-06-20 11_07_34

As you can see above, Owen has the red bumps. It only takes a few seconds for the rash to appear once he has contact to other detergents and soaps. That day, my shirt was in contact with clothes not washed in the free and clear detergent and immediately the rash appeared.

QOTD: This is my first baby to have super sensitive skin. What are some ways that you handle your child’s sensitive skin? Did you child ever outgrow it?

2 Months Postpartum From a Mom of 3

Those first eight weeks have flown by! Although it surely did not feel like it during those 3am and 6am feedings that crawled by. Let’s look back at my first eight weeks with Owen.


Owen’s first day!

Owen is my third baby, and third boy. I had no worries about caring for him once we left the hospital because, let’s face it, I’m a boy-mom pro at this point. I was, however, scared for breastfeeding. I had planned and tried to breastfeed my first two babies. With number 1, it lasted a month and with number 2, it lasted until we left the hospital. So, once number 3 arrived, I was so terrified of failing again.

Those first few days, before my milk came in, were so rough. At the hospital he nursed every 30 or so minutes, and it lasted for an hour or more everytime. The nurses ran the tests they could from my room because he was always on the boob.

Unfortunately for me, Owen had a bad latch a handful of times and it became very painful to nurse him and it still hurt after he was done. I was worried that might be the start and end of our breastfeeding journey. But soon, we had that latch down and he continued nursing. Then came another issue. I was not producing enough milk to sustain Owen. After a feeding, he would still root around and show signs of hunger and had lost almost a pound since birth at five days old. I was so scared, there was nothing else I could give him and feared this was absolutely the end.


It’s not always pretty, especially after a long night in the first week.

Then, I started supplementing formula after feedings if he was still hungry. He would root, fuss, and not be soothed by a pacifier or anything else. I started with 2 ounces at a time so he wouldn’t be overfed. Also, I always offer the breast first to keep up the supply that I do have. This helped the both of us and even improved his latch and sucking.

And now, here we are on day 62 since birth and still breastfeeding. Owen has been working hard to up my supply. We still supplement with formula when needed. As much as I would love it if he was exclusively breastfed, that just isn’t the case. He is growing and gaining and happy and fed. So that is all that matters.


I love, love, love being a Mommy! 

As for just me, I’m finally feeling more like me again. I experienced uterine contractions for the first two whole weeks after birth and had bleeding for the first 5 weeks. It was not constant or consistent, just enough to be annoying. Also, I have lost about 10 pounds from the last week of pregnancy. I was not surprised by this, Owen is my third baby. With number 1, I left the hospital within 6 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight. Then with number two, I left within 15 pounds or pre-pregnancy weight. This time, I was also within 15 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight, but I was much heavier than usual (from stress and all that, it wasn’t a great year for us). Also, I have been focusing so much on breastfeeding that I didn’t even care about my weight.

QOTD: If you have had a baby, how did you feel about your postpartum body? If you haven’t had a baby, is it something you worry about? I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been the  happiest with my body, but I am so proud of what it has done.

Aiden’s Art Party Prep

This was a whirlwind birthday that ended with an emergency room trip. With Aiden’s 6th birthday approaching, it’s time to reflect on the good and the bad of this party prep. What a mess I was

Live In Slomocean

Aiden is four! We recently celebrated Aiden’s fourth birthday with an art party. This party was 6 months in the making, however due to weather, nap time, and a very bad boo-boo, the party was hosted at our apartment and many elements could not be used.

With that aside, we had planned for the party since January. Aides loves to draw, create, and color. So when we sat down to decide on a party theme, an art party was quickly chosen. Soon, I began my planning.  I researched “Art Party” and “Rainbow Party” on Pinterest without much luck. I could not find too much inspiration and decided to wing it and make it a true DIY party.

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My Running Phases

Running has become very important to me over the years. I began by walking with some friends from work, 5 miles almost everyday. Walking was satisfying enough for a while. Then, one day while in the middle of a lap I had a thought. “Why not run?” At first I felt foolish and embarrassed, I had never run outside of school before and knew I wouldn’t look right. So that day, I just walked with an ear worm shouting at me to run. Soon, I did start running. I wasn’t fast or strong. I hardly made it past the half mile point before I had to stop and walk. It took a lot of training to teach my mind and body how to run. When finally I ran one whole mile without stopping, I was so blown away. I had finally done it! I knew then, that I wasn’t going to stop running, for as many years as I was able.

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June 2017 Goals

Happy Friday, everyone! Somehow, we are halfway through 2017 now. Now that school is officially out and Summer is here (though it never really left Florida) it is time to set goals for the month.

  • Spend time with Aiden and Evan! I can’t wait to do arts & crafts, read, and play with them this month. It will be just like before Aiden had started school. We were so close they loved to include me in their made-up games. I know that soon they’ll be way too content to play on their own, so I want to cherish these days while they’re here.
  • Paint 50 rocks! That might sound like a lot, but once you start…Boom! Suddenly you’ve finished ten in an hour.
  • Take fun photos and actually be in some of them! I could post the last 100 photos I have taken or that Arthur has taken and I might (*MIGHT*) be in three of them. No matter how I feel that day or in that moment, overall I want to be in the photos. I do not want to look back, or the littles to look back, and not see me in any photos. I have noticed over the last two years I am hardly in any photos so I don’t want to continue the trend.
  • Enjoy the end of the newborn stage! Owen is’a growin’! He’s trying to do so many things already and he definitely doesn’t seem like a newborn anymore. So I will hold him little longer and enjoy the way we snuggles me while he’s feeding and try to hold onto the little moments this month.
  • Walk 30 miles! Since Owen’s birth, I have been somewhat active. On average I take about five-six thousand steps a day on a regular day. If I push a bit I can reach 7,000+. If I lived somewhere cooler and less humid then I’m sure I’d be out and about much more and would have been working on losing the baby weight. But I live in Florida and it is HOT. It’s hot and humid first thing in the morning, horrendous in the afternoon, and it’s hot, humid, and mosquito-infested in the evening. So it hasn’t been fun getting out of the house, more for the baby than myself. I can’t put him through that torture at such a young age. So, I will get my steps in-even if it comes from laps around my home 🙂
  • Publish 5 posts! I have been falling so far behind this year. My goal is to end that and get more involved with my readers!

So, here we go! Happy Friday, Happy Summer, Happy June! What are your goals for this month or season?

Rocking, Our New Hobby!

There’s a fun craze sweeping through the Tampa Bay area! For detailed information, check out stpeterocks.org

About two months ago, I was added to a Facebook group about rock painting. I had never heard of this kind of thing before and was immediately hooked! Basically, you buy, paint, and hide rocks around your city. If you’re fortunate enough, you may find some in return and when you do you share a photo of your find on Facebook in the group so the creator knows it’s been found. It’s your choice if you keep it or reside for someone else to find.

20170324_224149Materials and Procedure:

  • Clean, dry rocks. Pictured above are White Caribbean Beach Rocks I purchased at Home Depot. It is important that the rocks are washed before you start decorating them. They have rock dust and other debris on them that need to be washed off with warm water. I lay them on an old towel for them to dry and it takes about 20 minutes or so depending on the size of the rocks.
  • Paint. I use Sharpie paint pens for little details and a sharpie permanent marker  to write on the back of the rock. For most of the painting I use acrylic paint. It is best to use acrylic so the paint adheres best to the rock and weather doesn’t wash the paint off.
  • Paint brushes and sponges.
  • Internet for inspiration and to connect to the group on Facebook.
  • Sealant. I use mod podge and krylon craft sealant that comes in a spray paint can.
  • A safe place for painting rocks. I used old shirts to lay down where I’ll be painting. If it was just me, I would just use a few sheets of newspaper but my assistants are 5 and 3 years old so I prefer to use a thicker material 😉
  • Wet wipes. I always end up with paint on my hands and then my phone goes off. So, I keep wipes close.


  • After purchasing your rocks, rinse thoroughly with warm water and use hands to scrub off any dust or debris.
  • Allow to dry.
  • What will you create? Research ideas or plan while rocks are drying. Also a good time to lay out all tools.
  • Create! I paint one side and allow each layer to dry before adding more.
  • Seal your creation. Once your rock is finished and is dry, it is important to seal it. This keeps the paint on longer and keeps the weather out. Depending on rock size and the type of sealant used, I recommend letting the finished and sealed rock sit overnight before hiding.
  • Finally, Hide+Find+Share. Now that the rock(s) are finished, get outside and explore your city. I mostly hide my rocks in parks so the littles can help me. If you are lucky enough to find one, snap a photo and share it to your local rock group!

Why should I do it?

  • Therapeutic – I find rock painting so relaxing and calming. It makes me happy and I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to the person who finds it.
  • New friends – It’s easy to make friends with someone who enjoys the same things as you. Decorate or find together!
  • Bond with friends and family – I absolutely love the time I get to spend with my kids while we all decorate rocks together and encourage each others artwork.
  • Fresh air – it gets you out into the world with a desire to do more than fitness. Hunting rocks and hiding them, too is not super easy. It’s a lot of walking. I used to run/walk at parks for exercise and would get bored easily. But, when you have a mission it’s easy to forget about walking or getting your steps in and just enjoy the thrill of hiding and finding. 🙂

Everyone has a creative side, why not show it with a rock?