6 Months Old: Owen’s Update

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Happy Half Birthday Owen!

And just like that, 182 days are gone. Isn’t it simply amazing how much a baby changes in as little as six months? From a little wiggle worm who eats and sleeps to a curious nugget exploring his little world. It is mind-blowing how much Owen has changed and grown in so little time!

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7 Newborn Necessities from a Mom of Three

Everyone knows the basics needed when you’re expecting a new baby. Diapers, wipes, adorable clothes, and baby soap to name a few. Then there’s the items that save you through the sleepless nights and the round the clock schedule. Momma’s and Dada’s never stop! But what will you really use and what do you really need for your little love?

Here, I’ve comprised a list of 7 items (beyond diapers, bottles, wipes, car seat, etc) that I loved and needed with all three of my babies. They are not in a particular order and I am very grateful that they all exist.

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10 Chores For Kids Under 8

Now that Aiden is about to turn six years old, it is time to add some big boy chores to the ones he already does.

Chores starting at two years old

When Aiden turned two, and most likely even before that, I introduced him to chores. However back then, they weren’t really chores. I would ask him if he’d like to help me with something or ask him to clean up specific things that were in his room. Later when Evan came along, I did the same thing with him.

The chore: Help Mommy with small tasks & pick up certain things in room (for example, stuffed animals or books). 

Every year they grew older, I would add in more chores that were a little more complex.

Chores for 3 to 5 year olds

At three years old, children are much more independent and can do more than ever. That includes make bigger messes. At this stage, the boys were expected to do more chores. This not only made it easier on me during the day and especially at bedtime, but it also taught them to clean up after themselves and not expect others to go behind them all the time.

The chores:

  • Make bed: blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals placed onto the bed every morning.
  • Get yourself dressed and ready for the day: fresh underwear, shirt, bottoms, and socks every morning, then brush hair and teeth properly and thoroughly. 
  • In the bathroom: go potty completely by yourself, including all wiping (although at 3-4 years old I do check if it’s a #2). Then wipe the seat(s) clean afterwards (must be done at least once daily).
  • All dirty clothes go directly to hamper.
  • Take care of your dishes: food scraped and dishes (cup, plate, bowl, cutlery) goes into the sink.
  • In the bedroom/playroom: When finished playing, clean up the toy(s). You got them out, you put them away or they will go into a “time out” bin. This is when Mommy finds a toy and it’ll be in timeout from playtime for a few days. 

Although it seems like a whole lot in list-form, these chores really are simple tasks that usually happen anyway with Mom or Dad’s assistance. It simply informs the child that he or she needs to start doing on their own.

Chores for 6 to 8 year olds

This is where I find myself- what chores do I add on for Aiden to do. The chores that work best for our family are as follows:

  • Sweeping: We only have tile in our kitchen and bathrooms so this is a small chore that can be done two times a week, nothing too major.
  • Vacuuming bedroom: This will only apply to his own room (plus it’ll guarantee that the room will be clean, mom win!) 1-2 times per week.
  • Laundry awareness: He knows better than anyone when his laundry basket is full. Also, he must wear uniforms at school, so consistent laundering is a must. I believe he will do great at this, simply bringing his laundry basket to the laundry room when it’s time to wash, about every three days.
  • Hang up clothes. Aiden has been doing this for a while now. He gets empty hangers from the closet, sits with me to put clothes on the hangers and then hangs them where they belong in the closet. (For example play shirts together, shorts together, and pajamas together). 

Sometimes, there might be times that I’ll need extra help and the list will  be longer or there may even be times when he’s done something exceptional an I might take care of items on the list for him. My main goal for having Aiden and Evan do chores is to prepare them for adulthood, learn and respect responsibility, and have a helpful heart.

My Newborn’s Sleep Schedule

Those first few weeks with a newborn are rough. Everything is new for both you and your baby, and there is so much learning to do. It almost feels like autopilot, maintaining a constant schedule of feeding, changing diapers and outfits, baths, burping, tiny naps, and then starting again. Having a newborn is utterly exhausting.

The early weeks are kind of a blur to me now. Almost every day was exactly like the one before, unless there was a doctor appointment. I always started the day at midnight, it was an easy was to keep track of the day if I reset it at 12am. That’s when my day started.

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Evan is 4!


Little man is so grown up

Earlier this month, Evan turned four. It’s so strange to think about because he’s always seemed  a little older than he really is. Since he was merely four months old, he’s been trying to keep up with Aiden and do everything his big brother does. It just feels like he’s already been four for over a year. It doesn’t help that he’s the size of a five or six-year-old.

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